Peak Desigs Offers Two New Designs for Camera Bag Line

Peak Design has announced a plan to keep a lineup of camera bags fresh with a unique overhaul that it’s calling the Everyday Line V2. Based on customer feedback, the overhaul provides many improvements to the material and design of these camera bags. Furthermore, Peak Design is expanding its offering with two new bags, which will join the existing Everyday Tote and Everyday Backpack. Best of all, you don’t have to wait for these new bags because they launched on Nov. 25.

In regard to the redesign, Peak Design says that its focus was to improve durability, especially with the zipper. The bags now feature UltraZips, which are 20 times the strength of standard zippers. Also, the company improved the magnetic latch closures that are on some of its bags, such as the Everyday Messenger.

However, the biggest change is in the material that it uses to make the bags. Peak Design says that it switched to straps that are more pliable and softer. This change addresses customer feedback that the previous straps were too rigid. Additionally, the material in the bags has been strengthened to resist wear and tear.

Every bag in the lineup is available in a variety of colors with the addition of cream and navy. Peak Design also states that its dark gray charcoal bags have received an update and have leather accents now. The accents are similar to what are on the light gray color variants.

New to the Peak Design lineup is the Everyday Backpack Zip, which is similar to the Everyday Backpack. Instead of featuring a magnetic latch, though, it has a 270-degree zipper. Despite this change, the bag still offers quick access to your camera gear from either side. Also, it features flexible dividers that you can customize to fit different combinations of gear and accessories. The Everyday Backpack Zip comes in 15-liter and 20-liter varieties, which cost $189.95 and $219.95 respectively.

The other new offering is the Everyday Totepack. This easy-to-carry, 20-liter tote can convert into a backpack. Like the Everyday Backpack Zip, the focus is to have easy access to your camera gear. The tote has side access panels so that you can grab your gear without taking the tote off. The Everyday Totepack comes in cream or black for $169.95.

The newly announced changes are welcome additions to an already great lineup of camera bags. People who have used the new bags say that the straps are much more comfortable than the previous generation. However, some say that the straps are still too thin. Also, the 20-liter bags seem to have a hard time carrying a 15-inch laptop despite Peak Design saying that they can. If you end up buying the 20-liter Everyday Backpack Zip, bear in mind that you may not be able to carry such a large laptop.

In either case, these are capable camera bags and have been very popular since they were first released nearly three years ago. With that said, the new additions to the lineup will likely be as big of a hit.

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