5 Brands To Keep An Eye On In 2019

A new year always brings about new discoveries. Many companies will come and go over the year, but some are poised to break out and become the next big success. Here are five unique organizations from a variety of industries that many experts believe are the ones that will become household names before 2020 arrives.

Fashion Group Off-White

The design firm of Virgil Abloh has drawn a lot of attention for their sneaker design made in a collaboration with Nike. The sneakers sold out quickly and gave the designer added name recognition with many new fans. The company also garnered rave reviews for their Paris SS19 fashion show. Popular luxury streetwear, fashionable sportswear and many planned pairings with established brands and celebrities prove the rising status of Off-white.

Offline Tech Grocer Hema

Alibaba introduced a grocery store concept that many expect to become an amazing success. Hema can already boast a record-breaking $30.7 billion in holiday sales during a single 24-hour event. The brick and mortar grocery stores incorporate ultramodern technology to provide a unique shopping experience. Shoppers can scan barcodes throughout the store to find recipes, product information and more. Alibaba tracks the purchases to enable home deliveries later. The company plans to expand to 1,000 stores in China over the next few years.

Insurance Start-up Oscar Health

The success of Oscar may happen simply because of their people-first theme. The group is available in six states and has a quarter million members. Oscar offers apps and other technology that allow their clients to get information instantly. The information includes answers to questions about policy coverage, lists of available doctors and much more. Clients choose plans that meet their needs and everyone has access to 24-hour on-call doctors. Membership also includes discounts and plenty of freebies. The parent company of Google, Alphabet, has committed $375 million to help fund the startup.

Data Analytics Specialists Palantir

Palantir creates software for data analysis and specializes in user-friendly technology. The group has become a big name in the tech industry due to their classified work for the U.S. government. Palantir received credit for their help to locate Osama Bin Laden. Rumors within the business world are that the company may choose to go public in 2019.

Fashion Service Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway offers a subscription rental service that allows customers to select from a huge inventory of high-end brands for a low monthly fee. Orders are either shipped to the customer or picked up by customers at a WeWork location. The formula has already been a success, but the company is now partnering with other name brands and allowing them to use their platform.

There is no question that by the end of the year some expected successes will fall flat, and a few unknows will take their place. It is impossible to guarantee that any of the previously mentioned companies will live up to expectations. However, these companies are representative of the changing face of the business world.

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