How Japan Branded A Country

Japan is a unique case study in branding because they have marketed themselves as all things to all people. Read all the things they have done below to understand how they have positioned themselves as a wonderful place to visit, to do business, and to find talent.

1. Their History

Japanese culture is thousands of years old, and it stretches back so far that they have temples sitting in the middle of big cities. The country was still living in the samurai age when World War II started, and they traffic in that history every day. Their history is an attraction for tourists, and it makes the country interesting to study.

2. Their Technology

Japan reformed itself by putting an emphasis on Steichen and math. They have marketed themselves as the leading country for education in the world. They make it clean that they have much of the best talent, and companies hire from Japan all the time because of this. You probably think that Japan offers the best education, and this is because the country has branded itself as a hub for education.

3. Their Businesses

Japan is very clear about the businesses that it hosts. They are very supportive of their homegrown businesses, and they given these companies a chance to expand at any rate they choose. Sony is one of the largest companies in the world, and it was originally supported by the Japanese government. They advertise that they host Sony, and they even allowed Toyota to have its own city to work out of. The country is willing to show that it takes business seriously, and they ask for the highest quality production so that the world believes Japanese products are better.

4. Their Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the country is one of the best in the world, and their public transit system is so nice that it is considered late if it is a minute late. However, the average delay on public transit in Japan numbers in the seconds. They have perfected daily life in their country, and they allow that be highlighted all over television and digital media. It is a clean and beautiful country that people respect.

5. Conclusion

Japan has marketed itself as having all things for all people. They have history that will dazzle tourists, and they have technology that impresses. Their companies are amazing, and their cities are beautiful. They also have mountains that look like the Alps, hills that look like the Steppes of Central Asia, and Fujiyama which caps a perfect nation with everything anyone could need.

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