Video Content and Branding Is The Key To Business

In today’s digital age, more than ever, people are looking online at videos. Between streaming services, YouTube, and people filming things on their phones, video content and branding is growing at a high rate. Individuals are more likely than ever to get someone to watch a video as opposed to reading an article. It is just the way the world works today. People either have to get on board, or they will get left behind. As a matter of fact, a recent study showed that by the year 2022, 82% of what is viewed on the Internet is going to be video related content. That is a remarkable and incredible number.

Because of all this video out there, entrepreneurs and small businesses have a great chance to be seen and heard by more people than ever. They might have started out with an idea, but now they can really allow it to grow and become very profitable for them. It is up to them to come up with eye-popping and innovative videos to capture the public’s eye. Here is the thing: with so much content, there is more competition out there than ever. Because of this, they can’t waste a single second. They have to pounce right away to get the viewer’s attention.

According to another study, 45% of people online spend over an hour watching videos on YouTube and Facebook a week. That is a lot of time and a lot of people that a young up-and-comer can attract to their business. Video content and branding is all about presentation. It needs to look slick, well-produced, and have something that no one else out there has when it comes to video. They don’t want to be ordinary or they will get lost in the shuffle in no time. The viewer will already be looking at another video.

They recommend that content providers share positive reviews from customers. Video testimonials show other people that someone’s company can be trusted. People will watch the video and they will know it is a real verified buyer they can trust. People are always looking for tips on the Internet on how to do something. If a company can offer advice on something, they should do that. It will show they are knowledgeable, smart, and have great wisdom to share. People are also big on behind the scenes footage, as they want to see how it all plays out from the idea to the actual video.

People also love things that are live. Live streaming is all the rage. They know they can tune in at a certain time and catch something that might go viral. The key is consistency with online branding. If someone is posting every single day, no matter how short the video is, they are on the radar of their customers. People also love to send in questions, so give them that opportunity. When they do, it is vital to answer the questions thoughtfully and carefully.

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