8 Laws of Personal Branding

Personal branding requires specific knowledge on your brand and why you are using it regardless of the business you happen to be in. Specialization means that you have it pegged for its strength, talent, or a major achievement in your life. Leadership means your brand has authority as well as credibility as the source of the authority comes from showing your leadership in that particular field. Personality is a part of advertising your brand, which is built on the foundation for your true personality, including the flaws, and everything else. To be visible, a brand has to be seen over and over again.

Personal branding requires that you put yourself out there until it imprints on the consciousness of the field, or the influence the individual has. Unity imposes on the private person to have a moral and behavioral code set by the brand. This implies the private person must follow a code that mirrors the public image or brand the individual has set out to have. In order to market your personal brand, you have to set moral guidelines followed. Brands grow through persistence, and cannot be replaced with advertising or public relations. Goodwill can produce great results for the person marketing their brand if the person can be perceived in a positive way.

For a brand to market itself, it has to have a specific set of expertise. An expert in their field knows what they are talking about. The expert sets out to help others because they have expertise on one topic or perhaps more than one topic. To be a leader in one’s field, the person marketing the brand has to stand out amongst competitors and provide something to their customers, who scream for something unique. The personal brand must stand out from the crowd.

A personal brand has to involve caring about the customers who want to deal with that personal brand. Personal brands have to make their brand known so that more people can interact with the individual who is marketing this brand. Private conduct has to mirror the public brand as being unified in one brand, following from one person. Goodwill towards others is extremely important when talking about customer service. Common courtesy is an essential part of customer service. Treating others as equals is part of that because of the need to keep a customer base or risk losing footing as a brand.

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