3 Branding Lessons from a Black Hole

Scientists and astronomers in April, 2019 made history by capturing and releasing the first photograph of a black hole. Not only was the phenomenon a wonder to behold it also confirmed over a hundred years of academic speculation. Though such similarities may not seem immediately apparent, there is a lot that a black hole has in common with a good marketing brand. Both have nigh-infinite density, which lets them increase in their volume almost endlessly, all without changing in size. Any skilled marketing expert can establish a high-quality brand, but there are some surprising branding lessons that everyone can learn from a black hole.

Apply a Long-Term Lens to Acquisition

All branding should be made with continual growth in mind. Think not only about how you want to reach new customers, but how you want to keep your existing ones. Ideally, you will have your customers for life. Once an object passes through the event horizon of a black hole, that is where it stays. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of gravity with your branding? Experts believe that all of the best brands keep their longevity as a constant goal. These groups are intimately acquainted with the lifetime value of their new customers, and they focus on acquisition formulas established around long-term success. This means keeping the future in mind, regardless of short-term successes or setbacks. Plan for your future and see what a difference it can make in your branding.

Send Signals Often

Though many may think black holes simply take, the truth is that they send out material as well. Even though no star matter escapes their grasp, they are always sending radio waves out into the universe. These occur as tidal disruption flares, and for reasons that many people are not entirely aware of. In such a way, it is equally important for digital marketers to send out their own messages as a regular part of their growth strategies. Mobile messaging can be one of the most organic ways to integrate constant communication in your regular marketing efforts. Studies found that by 2022, upwards of 36 percent of the world’s population will use messaging apps as their primary means of communication. Always think of the future, and be ready to stay in touch with your customers.

Establish New Universes

Scientists found that black holes are able to generate their own new universes. It is entirely possible that our universe may have even originated as a result of a black hole. Though this concept may seem ripe for science fiction, it is solidly grounded in astrophysics. It means that black holes are forces of creation, not only destruction. Creation should always be on your mind when you operate with your brand. Brands can launch entire new marketing strategies and campaigns. It is possible for you to expand your business in countless different ways, all through successful branding. Brands innovate and inspire not only within your systems but also within your client-base. You never know what type of feedback and enthusiastic reciprocity you can receive with the right type of branding.

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